Your Heart is a Prism: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

February 14, 2011

Check out these lovely prints made with lots o LOVE to give to your lovely loved ones on this day of Valentine’s.
LUV always, SINders

Peter Glantz (Imaginary Company) and Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) text each other some inspirational words and make songs out of them. They have been curating a series of prints based on the best ones and collaborating with amazing artists to design them. This here print is made by Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad, extreme animals) and is signed and numbered on heavy stock with white borders, the 1st edition of 100 is nearly sold out so get it HERE while you still can.

Kelie Bowman’s subtle but sexy print breaks love down to its purest form: Getting it on wherever whenever you can. In this case, behind some flowery shrubs.
Get it on HERE

There’s nothing like a romantic date at the zoo with your lover. All of that animal desire is sure to get you excited. Sam McPheeters’ Municipal Zoo print takes it to the next level: Mailboxxxes. Can you handle it? This is sure to make or break your date, we say live dangerously!

Oh and check out this video for the Heart is a Prism print!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Eat lots of chocolate. Make Love Not War.