Wall Street is Our Street

September 28, 2011

More from OCCUPY WALL ST. protest! Going on its 11th day of occupation at Liberty Plaza, there has been a steadily growing number of supporters as the word spreads like wildfire on the internet. There has finally been some mainstream news reportage due to the police brutality captured on video and in photos, check out this surprising one on MSNBC:

There have been some great visitors as well, including Michael Moore and Dr. Cornell West. Check out what they had to say to the protestors:

If you live in New York you should drop by Liberty Plaza (Broadway and Liberty st.) and show your solidarity. It is a great vibe down there with plenty of nice folks to talk to and engage with. The feeling is pretty positive and the word is getting out as there have been other cities taking initiative to start their own protests, including LA, Boston and Chicago. We’ll keep posting as things progress…