****TR()N****LIVE REMIXXX****

January 16, 2011

Spectacle Theater is a DIY movie theater in an old bodega in Williamsburg. We love it. There is a great screen, super intimate vibes, homemade popcorn, midnite movies and most importantly, the best films you never heard of but always wanted to see. This week DUBKNOWDUB, Brooklyn’s interplanetary improv noise duo, will do a live soundtrack to a re-edited version of the original TRON. And you thought Daft Punk’s soundtrack to the new one was cool? This takes it deep down through a rat infested sludge filled NYC sewer filtered through the 80s video game. Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek….

Monday Jan 17th at 8pm. 124 S. 3rd & Bedford. 5 dollars.
There has never been a movie quite as futuristic as TRON. 28 years later, we’re still not ready for it. The Master Computer Program that lurks behind Disney knows this and so Tron remains out of print on dvd at this time. And yet here it is in all it’s radiant gleaming glory, remixed and scored live by DUBKNOWDUB.