Tonight! Live Soundtrack of Horus' Daughter in Chelsea

August 4, 2011

Come promptly at 8pm to PPOW Gallery, 535 W 22nd Street, 3rd floor. Light Hits, with special guests Mindy Abovitz, Sto and Grey Gersten, performing a special one night only live soundtrack to Horus’ Daughter, a 27 minute video featuring stop-motion animation, shadow puppetry, and live action. Influenced by the Egyptian Myth of Osiris and Isis, Horus’ Daughter is a modern magical re-telling. Sexual empowerment, transformation and the role of the masculine and feminine are themes throughout the video. The mystic meets the mundane as masked dancers take to the streets of Brooklyn while a cow-headed woman in a power suit wanders Wall Street. Winged apples with vaginas, blooming flowers and golden phalluses re-appear, turning this gruesome tale into a mind-bending mid-summer sexualized fantasy.