Tod Seelie is Artist of the Month!

October 9, 2013

Monica Sunset Tree by Tod Seelie
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We are excited to present to you Tod Seelie as Artist of the Month!

Tod Seelie has been one of our favorite photographers and we are stoked to feature him this month. Tod’s unquenchable wanderlust for adventure takes him to exciting and sometimes dangerous places deep in the bowels of outsider America. Abandoned buildings, train yards, lonely landscapes, and burned out cars are captured in all of their beauty while tall bike jousting, DIY punk shows, Mississippi art-raft journeys and dance parties in Harlem tap into the energy of those who are producing their own everything under the radar of the mainstream.

We will be releasing 4 photos by Tod each week this month. And stay tuned for an interview, more fun stuff, and the release of his first book, Bright Nights, later this month at Superchief Gallery in NY.