The First Sign of Anything

June 14, 2012

It is a happy day when the sun is shining in New York City and it feels like its officially Springtime. Finally.

What makes today even better is that I get to read Kevin Hooyman’s brand new book, The First Sign of Anything, while sippin’ on an iced coffee in the park.

If you have ever read Kevin’s other amazing books, Themes of the Day or The Language Change, you also realize that a new volume of this man’s smart, touching and obsessively detailed comics is a cause for a celebration. Kevin’s drawings cover every available inch of the page in densely beautiful line work that often tells stories of animals waxing philosophical with each other and their human friends, deep in the forest where they seek refuge amongst the magic of nature to ponder the existential dilemmas of modern society.

And while most of his older books are completely sold out and impossible to find, you now have to chance to get your paws on a copy from us before it too is gooone.

Self-published with help of a grant from the Greene City Council of the Arts, this book is art that you won’t find on your kindle.


We were reminded to revisit this amazing video Kevin did with the Imaginary Company and one of our favorite bands EVER, Usa Is A Monster. Holy Moly we luv this.