Summer Jamz Turn to Blackout

July 26, 2011

During Kyle Ranson and Sara Thustra’s exhibition, we had some great free events that Erick Lyle (of SCAM zine) curated. Slumber party style hang out sessions that included readings, film screenings, and even a free dinner! Perfect ways to spend a Brooklyn Summer evening with new and old friends, including many San Francisco expats and old school Brooklyn buddies. Read the NY Press article on one of the nights
And here’s some pics of the good times.
We cannot display this gallery

Unfortunately, the series culminated in a bit of a stand off with our landlord. What was to be a super fun night of live music from our friends Sex, Surgery, People and Ivy and Erick, quickly turned into a debacle that included our landlord shutting off our electricity mid-way through SSP’s 2nd song and kicking everyone out.
He even kept the power off for a couple days! Check out this video of when the power gets cut off:

This kind of behavior by a power-abusing landlord is completely unacceptable and only cemented the fact that this space is just not going to work out. After an initial nasty battle with the landlord over a beautiful mural we painted on the front of the building (we thought we had permission, the landlord said it was ugly and then called the police on us!), we tried to move past that by agreeing to paint over it and keep to ourselves.

The landlord would still continually go into our space to snoop around when we were not there and make up stories that our neighbors were complaining. Unfortunately, some people are beyond the point of seeing beauty anymore, as that was all we were trying to bring to his building. We will be leaving after our current show, Horus’ Daughter by Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala, ends on August 7th. It is a stunning show so please come see it before we are once again forced to move. We are looking for a new space so stay tuned….and let us know if you know of any!

Photo of Horus’ Daughter exhibition by Harrison Owen