February 26, 2013

As per monthly, we asked our artist of the month Elisita Punto the essential questions of life on Earth. And here’s the straight dope from the lovely woman herself….


1. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

teletransportation, the ability to pass through matter.

2. How would you describe your process?

Mainly intuitive. I also try to do things I don´t know how to do in order to learn how to resolve them.


3. When did you start making art?

Since i can remember. When i was a kid and played creating imaginary worlds and friends. Later on, as a teenager i got more conscious about it, and always believed i am an artist.
Either into music or painting. I need to develop both.



4. When did you know you wanted to make art for the rest of your life? or do you know that?

Maybe when i was a teenager, i just knew it was inevitable to do art. I realize i live with art everyday. More than making art, i see art as a way of living.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

no clue…. really. time is confusing. 10 years seems so far away, but then, they just happen quick. 10 years ago, i had recently moved to new york, and had a little knowledge about music, printing and painting; i didn´t know any of the amazing people i know today, and not even imagining what life would be as it is today.


6. What is inspiring you these days?

Thunder tubes and resonance. Natural fruit juices. Letterpress printmaking.

7. Last good film you saw?

Joven y Alocada, from the director Marialy RIvas from Chile



8. How the hell did you learn to paint so well?

I don´t consider I paint well at all, because i don´t know what well really means.
I try to do my best in every painting, and make every one of them a new challenge.
I have an awesome time discovering how to resolve something that i don´t know, rather than doing something i know how to do it.
Improvising and finding new solutions allows you to be more spontaneous at the moment of taking decisions


9. Do you have any favorite quotes/mottos?

not really.

10. What music are you listening to in the studio?

right now, my neighbor is listening to cat stevens and very loud. I like to listen to everything and find music randomly. Sometime on the radio station, or friends podcast. This last week i´ve been following this radio station:



11.What is your favorite spot in the world right now?

Atacama desert in chile.

12. Where do you feel at home?

Sharing with people i love.


13. What are you currently working on?

I´ve been working on a lot of music with my band makaroni. Just finished mastering two new songs and getting ready for “MKRNI Hace Calor Tour, Mexico 2013”. Therefore i´ve been printing t-shirts, making album covers. Also, just finished a series of 6 paintings that where commissioned by a bank, to include them in their annual memory book, and regular print jobs within my screen printing business in santiago, chile.


14. Do you envision a positive future or do you think we are all fucked? apocalypse theories?

Totally positive future. Just depends on how we approach it and in terms of what.
Terrible things are happening in the world and that confuses me at the moment to answer to this question. Anyway, those terrible actions that men can do, involving violence, lies, genetically modified food, wars, etc, are a part of our human nature and we got to asume our dark side in order to choose for the better one. So many things men do are scary and destroy-full. It´s part of a bigger cycle of experience mankind needs to go through.

Personally i try to provide a positive attitude to life, especially around the closest community of friends, family and people we share and are involved with each others life. If i believe in a positive future i have to create it.


15. What is your spirit animal?

sea lion


16. What astrological sign are you?



17. Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Matilde Perez, Sonia Delaunay


18. What would be your last meal before execution….

A toasted bread with avocado and salt, some olive oil, a thin slice of cucumber next to some chai tea with honey.
Fresh, tasty, and sweet at the same time.

Just Like You!


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Stay tuned for more Punto this week!!!