Seeing Thru the Eyes of Tod Seelie

October 28, 2013


We asked our Artist of the Month, Tod Seelie, some essential questions about life and art. Enjoy!

1. Cinders: where do you live? work?
— I live and work in Brooklyn, between Bushwick and East Williamsburg.


2. Cinders: if you could have any superpower what would it be?
— I can never decide between flying and invisibility.


3. Cinders: when did you start taking pictures?
— When I was in high school and borrowed my Dad’s old Canon AE1.


4. Cinders: when did you know you wanted to take photos for the rest of your life? or do you know that?
— I’ve never had a conscious thought or decision about it, but considering how instinctual it is to me I can’t see myself ever stopping, even if I start to take it less seriously later in life.

5. Cinders: where do you see yourself in 10 years?
— Alive and mobile I hope.


6. Cinders: what is inspiring you these days?
— My friends’ successes and future plans. And finally having a car for the first time, so I can start to explore more.


7. Cinders: Last good film you saw?
— I don’t usually have enough downtime to watch a movie. I like audiobooks though, I can listen to them while I work.

8. Cinders: what excites you about taking pictures? describe your process a little?
— Taking photographs is something that is very instinctual to me, so it’s a combination of excitement, visual discovery and scratching a weird itch. My process can vary a lot depending on where I am, what the challenges or restrictions of the situation are, and what I feel is the best approach at the moment. One part of my process that is consistent is to always have a camera with you, even a crappy point-n-shoot.


9. Cinders: do you have any favorite quotes/mottos?
— Never count on a second chance.


10. Cinders: what bands do you love to shoot?
— I still love shooting Trash Talk. It’s like being in a war zone.


11.Cinders: what is your favorite spot in the world right now?
— I’ve been missing living on a raft on the Mississippi River lately.


12. Cinders: where do you feel at home?
— Wherever I can carve out a bit of space to lie down and sleep safely, even if it’s under a table.


13. Cinders: what are you currently working on?
— I’m currently in the process of trying to book a nationwide tour for my new book of photography, BRIGHT NIGHTS: Photographs of Another New York. It’s turning out to be a bit harder than I thought.

14. Cinders: do you envision a positive future or do you think we are all fucked? apocalypse theories?
— Apocalypse is very possible, but I doubt it will happen in my lifetime.


15. Cinders: what is your spirit animal?
— I’m not sure, but the meaning of the name “Tod” is “Fox.”


16. Cinders: what astrological sign are you?
— Gemini.


17. Cinders: who are some of your favorite artists right now?
— Todd Hido and Todd Fisher.

18. retelling of a good story while you were shooting? you have been in some wild situations for sure.
— That’s a tough question. Between cars exploding in front of me, climbing NYC bridges at night, maniacal mosh pits, hanging off of trucks in Haiti and getting kidnapped at gunpoint in Brazil it’s hard to pick just one.


19. Cinders: what would be your last meal before execution?
— Bacon-wrapped sea scallops, kale citrus salad, key lime pie and a mango-coconut smoothie.

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We will be releasing one more photo by Tod before the month is over so don’t miss it!
And pick up a copy of his beautiful new book, Bright Nights, which contains an essay by Cinders’ own Sto among other buddies such as Swoon, Ian Vanek from Japanther, Joe Ahearn (showpaper) and Jeff Stark (Nonsense NYC).