Re-Introduction with Re: Surgo

November 13, 2012

I recently had the chance to visit old friends Meeloo and Anna of Re:Surgo (formerly Bongout), a self-publishing empire of ecstaticly eye-gouging silkcreened books, posters, and prints. Back in the early aughts, I found their books in a little record shop in Paris called Bimbo Tower and immediately got as many as i could afford. Who were these guys? They were called Bongout, were they crazed stoners? Psychedelic madmen? Some of their shit was a little scary. I just wrote to them and extended an invitation to come to NY and do a show at Cinders. I was pleasantly surprised when they were like, “OK,” and came in 2005 and blew everyone away.

We’ve kept in touch ever since and so it was cool to finally visit them in Berlin and see their atelier and store, In:Surgo.

They publish an insane amount of books every year, especially considering they are just 2 people doing all the work: designing, silkscreening, binding, AND running a store. Its inspiring.

It was perfect timing because they were putting the finishing touches on a new book I had curated for them. It came out amazing. Check it out…

It includes work by some of my favorite artists from all over the world: BLOK, Kelie Bowman, Brian Chippendale, Kevin Hooyman, Julien Langendorff, Eli Lehrhoff, Allyson Mellberg, Nadia Moss, John Orth, Sumi Ink Club, Tetsunori Tawaraya, and Jessie Rose Vala. I got a couple pages in there too.

You can grab one from Re:Surgo or from us, while we got them. Also see what we have in stock of their older work.

And if you’re in Berlin be sure to drop by their spot. Its full of goodies that you will want to see in person….

Torstrasse 110
10119 Berlin – Mitte
U8: Rosenthaler Platz
Opening hours:
Mo – Sa: 1 – 8 PM