Prepare To Share in 2013

January 3, 2013

Mel Kadel is our Artist of the Month in January!

We’ve been a big fan of Mel Kadel’s work for years and we are super excited to be starting the year off with her as our Artist of the Month! Mel Kadel’s colorful drawings on paper zero in on humans’ relationships with each other. Mel’s characters are often entangled with themselves, swirling in circles of confusion or wrestling each other but then also erupting with confidence and floating in a boat down a magical river with glee or forming cosmic human pyramids and shooting vivid rays of light at the powers that be. Mel’s playfulness, humor and intricate renderings show us the wars we wage within our neurotic selves as well as when our positivity prevails over life’s monstrous perils.

Mel Kadel grew up in the Pennsylvania suburbs and has been living and working in Los Angeles for awhile now. Her work is created using tiny pens, coffee, q-tips, and glue.

Check out the first drawing of January!


Prepare To Share
7.5″ x 9″
Pen & Ink wash, on 300 lb. paper.
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Go back in time and see the beautiful show Mel did at Cinders in 2008 with Suzanne Sattler.