Post Futuro Friendship Bracelet

May 1, 2013


F.L.A. Gallery Presents

In The Main Gallery:
Maya Hayuk
Friendship Bracelet

In the Project Space:
Elisita Punto
Post Futuro

May 4-June 30 2013
Opening Reception Saturday May 4th, 7-10pm

F.L.A. gallery is proud to welcome the internationally renowned artist, Maya Hayuk. Her solo exhibition, Friendship Bracelet, will feature large scale murals and smaller works. With their symmetrical compositions, intricate patterns, and lush colors, Hayuk’s paintings and massively scaled murals recall views of outer space, traditional Ukrainian crafts, airbrushed manicures, and mandalas. Hayuk weaves visual information from her immediate surroundings into her elaborate abstractions, creating an engaging mix of references from popular culture and advanced painting practices alike while connecting to the ongoing pursuit of psychedelic experience in visual form. She has painted her iconic, outdoor murals all over the world and has a forthcoming solo exhibition at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. When not traveling, she maintains an active studio in Brooklyn, sketching in paint to inform the large-scale works. She sees her studio painting practice and mural making as both inversely relational and symbiotic.

We are also proud to announce the arrival of Elisita Punto. She will be installing the piece, Post Futuro, in our project room. Elisita lives and works in Santiago, Chile. She is a member of the “electrotropical”, synth pop band MKRNI. She runs a printing studio that combines letterpress and screen printing. Her vibrant, geometric mural work and paintings have been exhibited in Brooklyn, L.A., Bejing, and Barcelona. The installation she is creating at F.L.A. will be a combine a large scale mural and works on paper made of masking tape. Once arranged the masking tape elements will be read as musical notations that will inform the next MKRNI recording.

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