Morgan Blair Interview

November 27, 2012

Cinders: if you could have any superpower what would it be?

Morgan: Super-aim. Or, an average sense of direction could be cool.

Cinders: how would you describe your process?

Morgan: Deliberate, anxious, fumy.

Cinders: when did you start making art?

Morgan: When I was a little kid, whenever someone gave me some markers and paper or whatever. One of my first memories is drawing something in preschool that I realized resembled Snoopy, and feeling really happy even though I didn’t know anything about Snoopy except that I liked the sound of his name.

Cinders: when did you know you wanted to make art for the rest of your life? or do you know that?

Morgan: It never crossed my mind not to. When I started visiting colleges I realized I might have to choose something else to officially study, but then I didn’t, so everything’s fine.

Cinders: where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Morgan: I’ll be 36 and really tripped out about time. My rat tail will be extremely long and I will have figured out how to maintain my own cornrow. I’ll be very wise and old. I’ll know how Breaking Bad ends. I’ll know everything.

Cinders: what is inspiring you these days?

Morgan: Common street trash, Google.

Cinders: how the hell did you learn to draw so well?

Morgan: That’s a nice question. With the graphite flag/brick/pattern drawings I guess I fixate on uniformity and precision as a way of zoning out into a neurotic sort of meditation. I think I have a certain amount of paranoid anxiety in me that wants to be in that zone of unchanging repetition. I’m trying to be more free, though, in the rest of my work and thinking. I’m developing a thorough and detailed 10-step plan for how to consider becoming more free. I’m working on a mental breakdown.

Cinders: do you have any favorite quotes/mottos?

Morgan: I don’t really have a guiding mantra, per se. I think a lot about self-fulfilling prophecies, free will and determinism, though I’m not aware of any mottos relating to those ideas. The most recent quotes I felt a strong connection to were some of Friendly’s official slogans, according to Wikipedia. “You’re in for a nice surprise,” “Oh, that looks good!” “High 5, it’s Friendly’s” and “Oh yeah!” I feel good about those quotes.

Cinders: what are you listening to in the studio?

Morgan: Mostly a bunch of Robyn (especially Call Your Girlfriend), Lil Wayne, Dan Deacon, Lightning Bolt, Sparks, Bros, John Maus, and The Misfits. Also Health, Suicide, Bad Brains, Nirvana, The Breeders, Ty Segall, Black Lips, Bronski Beat, Tears For Fears, Fine Young Cannibals, Paul McCartney, Air Waves, Small Black, Genesis, Paul Simon, Todd Rundgren, my “Kool Rap” cassette, NPR, some podcasts, and all the crime documentaries on Netflix.

Cinders: what is your favorite spot in the world right now?

Morgan: There’s a rad Salvation Army I sometimes dream about that I can never find in real life.

Cinders: where do you feel at home?

Morgan: My studio, the woods, any kind of porch or stoop, a tent, Providence, my bed. The mall, the bank, Applebees.

Cinders: what are you currently working on?

Morgan: Fifty or so small paintings of trash gloves for a book with Museums Press in Glasgow. Drawings from Seinfeld. I’m in the process of stripping two bike frames so I can eventually paint them all pastel gradient speckle easter-freak style.

Cinders: do you envision a positive future or do you think we are all fucked? apocalypse theories?

Morgan: We’re fucked. Like, in a good way.

Cinders: what is your spirit animal?

Morgan: I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not 100% sure what a spirit animal is supposed to represent about a person, but I am a friend to and share a psychic connection with all cats.

Cinders: what astrological sign are you?

Morgan: Libra

Cinders: who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Morgan: Whoever made the paintings above the Drake’s TV and couch in Seinfeld season 4 episode 22 “The Handicap Spot.” And, Anthony Ausgang, D’Metrius Rice, Eric Shaw, Dave Singley, Ryan Stewart Nault, Armando Veve, Ryan Travis Christian, Benjamin Thomas Rawson, Charlotte Hallberg, Sol Lewitt, Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Arthur Wood, Ben Jones, Tauba Auerbach, Lauren Clay, and on and on.

Cinders: what would be your last meal before execution?

Morgan: Depends on how and for what I’m being executed, the weather, and who is making the food. Maybe a fully decadent macaroni and cheese casserole type thing with like, lobster in it. Why not? And a tomato. And then a giant bucket of Cheetos and acid-soaked candy corn so I’m more in the mood to die.