Maneuvers by Nick Kuszyk at F.L.A. Gallery

February 2, 2013


F.L.A. Gallery Presents:
Nick Kuszyk
January 26th -March 2nd
Solo exhibition in the project room + Mural

“These paintings are a complete departure from what I have been doing for the past twelve years. Totally different.

Since 2000 I have entirely focused on one type of work. This work was largely graphic in nature and robot in themed. During down times between projects I have allowed myself to go on random tangents to clear my head while still being creative. This is the first time I have made those tangents a priority. In this work there are no set of rules beyond my own physical and material limitations. There is no manifesto or over arching conceptual theme or aesthetic. It’s a big shift for me to not limit myself in the single contextual language in which I usually work. The paintings are small in scale so that the act of realization is more immediate.

Notions like: Meditative mark making, pattern, subtle color variations, formal concerns, friends and how they influence and inspire me, the gallery itself, odd vibrant surrealistic narratives and characters, snakes as geometric minimalism, footballs as coming to terms with my prejudice, flowers, portraits, pretty abstract amorphous things, a naked girl reading a book, cult leaders, ancient idols… are all pouring out of me and mixing together as I go. It’s exciting and fun and I feel like it’s just the beginning. It feels like a healthy open mode.”

Nick Kuszyk is based in Bushwick Brooklyn. He graduated from VCU with two degrees in 2003. He was awarded a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship in 2004. and a Theresa Pollock award in 2005. He has made thousands of paintings and shown internationally. He has painted large scale murals in public and private settings as well as for music festivals like Bonnarro, Tennessee , Outsidelands, San Francisco, and the Governor’s Ball, New York. He has curated exhibitions in New York and Australia. In 2009 Penguin Press published his children’s book, R Robot Saves Lunch . He made a music video for TV On The Radio… and he’s stoked to be able to make things.