Louis Reith is Artist of the Month

April 11, 2016

We are proud to present Louis Reith as the Artist of the Month in April!!

We first featured Louis’s work in our Pattern : Chaos exhibition last September and have been enamored with it ever since. His striking geometric compositions spoke to us with their earth tones and bold shapes. While pleasing in their elegant minimalism, they also bring to mind aspects of architecture and its relationship to nature. In his “soil paintings” Reith treats wooden panels with dirt to attain dark geometric shapes that balance positive and negative space. These pieces initially appear as wood assemblages but are often accompanied by a strip of soil underneath to give a hint and question the material of the object above, as well as a reference to the moment when the work was being made.

With an interest in printed matter, Louis also resurrects old found pages of books and maps in his collages on paper that create new landscapes of shape and color with an inert celebration of the human hand at work.

Louis Reith (b. 1983, Hengelo, the Netherlands) graduated from the AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design, Enschede in 2010 and lives in Amsterdam. Solo exhibitions of his work have been presented at Art Rotterdam with Julia van der Meer (2016), Kelderman en van Noort in Eindhoven (2015), Nina sagt. Galerie in Düsseldorf (2015), Huis Haas in Antwerp (2014), & Pens Press in Los Angeles (2014), Galerie Filter in Enschede (2010) and NSAG in Nashville (2009). Recent group exhibitions include Reminiscence at Ritmo in Catania, Hello Abstraction at Charlotte Fogh Gallery in Aarhus, Amsterdam Drawing with Julia van der Meer, Pattern / Chaos at Cinders Gallery in New York and Anna loog at Gallery NavArt in Sint-Niklaas.

We will be releasing several new pieces by Louis Reith all month, starting with this one!
Stay tuned for more art, a special letterpress print, and more.


Untitled, 2016
Collage of found book pages
8.2 x 11.4 inch (Framed 11.4 x 14.5 inch)
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See more of Louis’ work HERE