Limitless Range

October 3, 2012

Limitless Range

Kelie Bowman, Elisita Punto, Sto Len

Join us in our main gallery for the opening of Limitless Range, a collaborative mural installation by Kelie Bowman, Sto Len, and Elisita Punto.
space, erasing space, and shifting perception, these artists act as magicians, architects, and archaeologists. For this exhibition, each artist will create a site specific mural installation that will intersect with each other and activate the walls of the gallery.

Kelie Bowman’s painted mural evokes a continuously shifting perception inspired by the experience of watching light reflect on the water. Bowman spent the Fall of 2011 living on a sailboat in Tampa Bay, Florida and was subsequently awarded a residency on a boat in Jamaica Bay, New York in Spring of 2012. The mural captures Bowman’s experimentation with shifting depth and distance in a still medium and through the multiplicity of angles, the artist asks the viewer to open their perception.

There is an architecture for sound that needs to be resolved for every different landscape that we inhabit. Obsessed with repetition, patterns, rhythms, and optic effects, Elisita Punto is constantly pushing the limits of geometric shapes and colors to become music. Elisita Punto´s brain works like her masking tape compositionsm using visual arpeggiators, tones and sound expansion in a visual language. As an artist and musician, Punto finds herself in the breaking point of shapes becoming sound and noise becoming something visual.

Sto makes sumi-ink paintings that utilize a mix of traditional Japanese calligraphic techniques, chance operations, rhythm and improvisation on paper, canvas, and walls. These works explore the obliteration of the image while acknowledging the phenomenon of Pareidolia (seeing faces in random images). Once faces begin to emerge, Sto allows the lines to finish telling their story by submitting to the concrete imagery he discovers.

Featuring performances by on the Opening Night by
Black Pus (Brian Chippendale solo project)
Video Nasties
Stolen Temple Pileup and the Limitless Rangers

FREE show, All Ages. Music starts at 8:30.

538 Congress St., Portland, Maine 04101

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