Catchup and Mustard with Kyle Ranson

November 4, 2011

Cinders: What are you currently working on?
KR: music. i have written some new tunes and will be recording with my project called strawberry smog in mendocino county. i am in the woods right now.
Cinders: winter plans?
KR: going to australia to do a show and installation with maya hayuk. as part of a festival called sugar mountain in melbourne. summer in winter. maya and i have talked about how cool it would be to do a show in australia for years now. a good spirit somewhere out there must have heard our prayers.

Cinders: what are you worried about?
KR: my brother. cycles of behavior. alcoholism.

Cinders: what are you happy about?
KR: old fashioned love. wooden burning stoves. rain. woods. brains.

Cinders: what are you reading?
KR: moby dick. which is great considering i am staying in the captains quarters on my friends property. a camper with a nautical theme. lots of paintings of ships tossed about in the tempestuous deluge…