Good Friday: Hauntings Part 1

March 18, 2011


I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Bruce Wellington and I am currently investigating the paranormal activity surrounding the death of Cinders. Cinders is by all physical accounts dead. We mourned the body last December during the FUNeral and collectively sent it off to its afterlife with a wonderful celebration.
But I’m not so sure if it actually made it.

There have been reports from those close to the family that strange occurrences have been happening. “Sometimes when I’m alone at home I hear things. Things that sound like Cinders,” stated artist Jessie Rose Vala. When asked to elaborate she said she couldn’t explain it, just that she could feel its presence sometimes. I talked to founders Sto and Kelie if they had seen any signs suggesting their dearly departed was still around. “Well, I’d be lying if I said I thought Cinders was gone forever. She comes to me, especially in my dreams, telling me things that don’t really make much sense…yet. I’m looking at them as clues,” says Sto. Kelie affirmed: “I was walking along our old street Havemeyer and felt a sudden chilly gust of wind. I looked up and saw what seemed like Cinders. It was dark but there was a shadowy presence there in the distance. It had the same familiar feeling… but it was different. And then it was gone.”

I’ve been hired to investigate this case by Sto and Kelie and will continue to relay any information via these little email dispatches as I find out more…

So, please be patient and stay tuned…

all the best,
Bruce W.
Paranormal Specialist