Grotto of Lost Lake by Light Hits

July 27, 2013


Light Hits (artists Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala) comes together for Grotto of Lost Lake, a sculptural installation involving light, mosaic, projection and sound. Central to this installation is the history of the garden grotto, which was a creation of the cosmos in miniature often ornamented with shells. The garden grotto is a faux cave, a man-made place created to mimic the mysterious and mystical qualities of the hidden depths of nature. Symbolically the shell’s interior mirrors the chamber of a cave, a subterranean place of worship.

Beginning in the Mediterranean and expanding beyond it, the garden grotto was a place to create and manipulate water, to worship and display it, to regulate and recycle it. Central to Light Hits’ Grotto of Lost Lake is a partial speedboat. The relic serves as a passage between ancient the world and the modern.

The boat further represents the excess of our culture and the habit of quickly disposing of unwanted objects. This waste is transformed and reinvigorated through projections and placement. The boat rises out of the floor encrusted and degrading, caught in a state of becoming. It is in this state of becoming that all is deemed possible.

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