Fun Evening of Fun

December 4, 2010

Saturday, December 4 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Shana Moulton + Jacob Ciocci + Maya Hayuk Birthday Party!

A Fun Evening of Fun curated by Maya on her burthday. Fun times curated by Maya on her burthday (actually on december 5th). Jacob’s birthday is december 7th, so we are all celebrating that and your birthday, too. Also, Holly Wilson’s bday!

Shana Moulton creates evocatively oblique narratives in her video and performance works. Combining an unsettling, wry humor with a low-tech, Pop sensibility, Moulton plays a character whose in…teractions with the everyday world are both mundane and surreal, in a domestic sphere just slightly askew. As her protagonist navigates the enigmatic and possibly magical properties of her home decor, Moulton initiates relationships with objects and consumer products that are at once banal and hilarious.

Jacob Ciocci is an American visual artist, performance artist and musician. Along with sister Jessica Ciocci and friend Ben Jones, he is one of the three remaining founding members of Paper Rad, an artist collective based in both Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Providence, Rhode Island. He also performs and tours regularly with drummer David Wightman in the band ‘Extreme Animals,’ based in both San Diego, Ca and Pittsburgh, Pa.