From the Inner Mind to the OUTER BOROS

February 15, 2011

Cinders Presents:


As scientists are wedded to reason and experiments, artists behave similarly in meticulous thought, experimentation and repetition. Although not highlighted within the process of science due to its contrast to reason, science has revelation and inspiration similar to the process of making art. In this installation collaborating with the project US vs. US, we are presenting a learning center by curating a library of art books and also addressing themes of the intersection between science, art and myth through installation and performance. As Brooklynites, the Outer-Boroughs Cyclical Non-Cynical Art School of Thought grows out of the vantage point we have across the river from Manhattan, the center of the Universe, as well as our general estrangement from traditional society as working artists. We draw from many subjects of study including but not limited to neuroscience, alchemy, circular motion education, Buddhism, Egyptian/Roman/Greek mythology, self consumption, the holy trinity, magick, and unidentified flying objects. Additionally our name stems from the potent symbol of the Ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail to sustain its life: the basic mandala of alchemy and a recurring theme in our school. Life moves in circles. As we fight ourselves, we renew our life cycle. Time is nonlinear and we aim to present the people with our cyclical advancements in art and science. We invite you to run in circles with us as we find deeper meaning in the meditative state of repetition.