Cinders Haus Club

October 16, 2014

Cinders Gallery Presents:

Cinders Haus Club
Opening Wednesday October 22nd 2014 7-10pm

We are very excited to announce a new project called Cinders Haus Club. It is not a traditional gallery but rather a project space where we will showcase the art of a chosen artist of the month, feature selections from the Cinders inventory of artwork as well artist books and prints and will regularly host special events. We are open by appointment only.

For our first event, we are featuring new work by our October Artist of the Month, OWVBICS, aka Charles Shedden. Charles’ recent series of paintings on wood panels re-imagine the portrait in his inimitable and obsessive hand. Grotesque, hilarious, and sometimes quite beautiful renditions of the face are explored through these playful abstractions of the familiar. Paint oozes onto the surface of each panel in carefully constructed puddles of colorful chaos. The occasional eyes give way to an obvious face but even when there is no indication of human life, we somehow attach endearing qualities to them anyway. This series brings to attention the hardwiring of the human brain and its inclination to look for human-like intention in everything around us. Additionally the new OWVBICS books published by Point Point Press will be for sale.

Also on display, the Cinders Edition letterpress prints featuring our latest ones by Morgan Blair, Nick Kuszyk, Owvbics, David Potes, Kelie Bowman, Jim Houser, Paul Wackers and Ron Rege Jr. Plus new books by Monica Canilao, Sto Len, and John Orth as well as ceramics by Recreation Center, Cody Hoyt and Isaac Nichols.

The Cinders Haus Club is located inside the Center for Advancement of Contemporary Art, aka C.A.C.A, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Coincidentally it is located on Lorimer St. only a few short blocks away from where our house burned down nearly 11 years ago, the fateful fire which initially birthed Cinders. We feel the power of this fated street and are stoked to continue to burn bright and keep you warm. please join us.

700 Lorimer st. 2nd floor
Brooklyn, NY 11211
opening party October 22, 7-10pm
open by appointment only