Chippy and CF drop New Books on World

November 12, 2010

Cinders’ buddies and artists Brian Chippendale and CF are doin a book tour! If you can remember waaay back in June, Brian did a sick solo show here and it was then that we got the chance to see the proof copy of his new tome, If n’ Oof, an epic 800 page adventure story starring the lovable duo of…yeah, IF and OOf. I didn’t have time to read it then but wow! Getting hit in the head with this thing might actually cause some damage. Seriously! I’m getting me a copy.
CF delves deeeeper in the third volume of his intense cyberpunk fantasy story Powr Mastrs. Set in New China, there are tribes of immaculately dressed mystical beings with existential crises, struggling with their powers and identities, riding around on morphing race cars, and having sex with jellyfish. How can you not dive into this world? I can’t wait to see what happens. Both are out on what is arguably becoming one of the best publishers in the biz,Picturebox.
They stop in NY next week on their jaunt around America.
Go see em if you live in any of these fine cities!
PROVIDENCE, RI: ADA BOOKS: NOV. 14, 4 pm. Slideshow and signing
NEW YORK, NY, THE STRAND: NOV. 18, 7 pm. Slideshow and signing
PORTLAND, OR: FLOATING WORLD COMICS: NOV. 19, 6 pm, Signing, slideshow and special live interview by Matt Fraction
LOS ANGELES, CA: FAMILY: NOV. 20, 8:15 pm, Slideshow and signing
TORONTO, ON: THE BEGUILING: DEC. 2, 7 pm, Slideshow and signing