Catchup and Mustard with Monica Canilao

October 31, 2011

CINDERS: What are you currently working on?
MONICA: The work i am the most focused on is a crazy wonderful collaborative show i am doing called ‘Little Old One’ with my freind Bunnie Reiss. We’ve been locking ourselves in my studio for days without leaving and having super art parties. doing lots of interviews and a video will be shot for it soon.

Art shows-
October 15th- Paper Quilt Project: Collaborations in Contemporary craft. @ The Berkeley Art Center
October 15th – Nov 4th, Workshops at the Berkeley Art Museum in conjunction with the Schwitters exhibition.
October 23rd- Passport w./ The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery plus after party from 4-7pm at Q Bar, 456 Castro st.
October 28th- ‘Rebuilding Our Own Picket Fences’ @ Michelle O/Connor Gallery
November 5th- ‘In the Moment’: Luggage Store Gallery Benefit. @ The Luggage Store, SF
November 12th- through Jan- ‘Little Old One’ : A Collaborative show with Bunnie Reiss @ Lopo Gallery, SF (show runs for three months), plus after party.
November 24th- Regency reconstruction/ destruction project in collaboration with Rabid Hands Collective. Columbia, Missouri
Tentatively Dec 10th- ‘The More We Wander’ :Sweden the Rebirth w./ Kyle Ranson @ Needles and Pens.

CINDERS: Winter plans?
M: Making art and installation in a regency hotel in Columbia Missouri with friends, which will be filmed, and then the hotel demolished. Riding trains through mexico in december. Thailand and the Philippines in January?

C: What are you worried about?
M: My body crumbling to pieces before i can finish all of the projects i need to do and make

C: What are you happy about?
M: My insane life and being in love and travel and visiting friends and illegal trouble

C: What are you reading?
M: The future