Catchup and Mustard with Kyle Field

October 12, 2011

Cinders: What are you currently working on?
KF: A new album of songs and new drawings. and a trip east in november,i will be in new york at some point,the 16th or the 21st, playing music.

C: Winter plans?
KF: Not exactly,i think i get to go to spain and play music in february but that is still pending. regional touring and…

C: What are you worried about?
KF: That the state of the world seems so nuts. i worry and wonder about the future, mine and others.

C: What are you happy about?
KF: That i have great people in my life and that i am able to survive by practicing art and music.

C: What are you reading?
KF: “the diary of a sea captain’s wife” by margaret h. eaton,”the colossus of maroussi” by henry miller,”alive!” by piers paul reid.