Catchup and Mustard with Kevin Hooyman

October 19, 2011

Super detailed and very prolific drawer, Kevin Hooyman sent us this email from up north to let us know what he is up to. We miss seeing Kevin around NYC but I hear Providence takes very good care of him. Plus he has a sailboat, a lady, a house and a cute dog. Go Kevin.

CINDERS: What are you currently working on?
KEVIN: I’m editing a book that is just now two years old. I mean, I
started drawing it two years ago. And drawing new stuff for who knows
what…a book in two years?

C: Winter plans?
K: Nothing big. In fact, almost no plans at all. Stay in Providence
mostly I guess.

C: What are you worried about?
K: All of the little things in my own life. And also the state of the
world. I don’t know. I can worry about anything and everything. Even
the good things, I worry they are going to end.

C: What are you happy about?
K: Fall. Some drawings. My girlfriend and our dogs. Different projects
I’ve got going. Octoberfest beer, which I’ve never before been into.

C: What are you reading?
K: No time for reading with all the TV I wanna watch! (only kind of
kidding. I cant really say I’m reading anything right now. It is a
similar activity to drawing for me and the space for it in my life is
pretty full. I do sometimes watch tv and movies before I go to bed.
Just watched season one of Bored to Death. Funny. I liked it.)