Catchup and Mustard with Jo Dery

January 4, 2012

We recently played catchup with one of our favorite people,
Jo Dery, to see what she has been up to and what she has planned for 2012. We first met Jo on a rooftop in Brooklyn while she was on tour showing films with live soundtracks and have been enamoured with her animations, books and prints ever since. Jo has been in several exhibitions and had book release parties at Cinders over the years. This time of year always reminds us of when we used to make it up to Providence, RI (where Jo used to live) for some epic New Years Eve parties with her at the Dirt Palace back in the mid-late aughts. Good times for sure and plenty mo good times to be had in 2012….

C: what are you currently working on?
J: I’m just finishing up a project for the DeCordova Museum’s Biennial exhibition, which opens January 21. The work includes an animated projection, 3 circular books, and a set of wooden dice that I made. I had help from some amazing buddies in Providence — bookbinder Deb Dormody and noise-guru Scott Reber (Work/Death).

C: winter plans?
J: I moved to Chicago last July, so I have a list of places I still need to explore and I need to learn how to move about in below 0 degrees! I want to start a hiking club, but that might need to wait till Spring.

C: what are you worried about?
Trying not worry these days… Better to always make choices out of love instead of fear, and give people the chance to be their best.

C: what are you happy about?
J:Dramatic life changes! Cheers for newness in all of its thrilling and terrifying glory!

C: what are you reading?
J: While home for the holidays, I went to the RISD library and checked out “DuChamp: A Biography” — based on reading KingCat’s top 40 recommendation. But I need to return it today! Gonna check it out again in Chicago.

“Rat Stories” Title Sequence from Jo Dery on Vimeo.

Thanks Jo! Stay warm.

Be sure to check out the 2012 deCordova Biennial, which is opening January 21st.

You can purchase one of her latest books from Little Otsu.

And Cinders has a bunch of her beautiful prints for sale.

Also you can see more of Jo’s video HERE and catchup often with her BLOG