Catchup and Mustard with Jessie Rose Vala

October 14, 2011

This is the third installment of our Catchup and Mustard Series with Cinders Artists. Please stay tuned for more. Everyone is working on amazing projects. GO TEAM!

CINDERS: what are you currently working on?
JESSIE: I am working on a sculptural installation. The show is called Future Tellers, and will be exhibited at Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco this November.
This work is a Mythology, the drawings and the installation relate and support each other. This show is inspired by a personal investigation of the fall from paradise, and how this myth has affected and partly created our present cultural paradigm. I play off the key symbols of this story, rearranging and creating an alternate reality. On a base level this work is an exploration in materials and space. Every piece in this show is built by a meticulous layering of materials. This layering of cut paper, glass, nails, tacks, pins and rocks will create the pattern of the bark, the pattern of a dress, or the ground on which these sculptures stand. Some elements are laden with graphite, bringing a rich heaviness to the pieces.

C: Winter plans?
J: My winter plans, there are many ideas brewing, so far I am not sure what the future holds.

C: What are you worried about?
J: I am worried about hydrofracking, nuclear energy and its waste, oil pipelines and drilling, clean coal (hahaha), all and all globalization and its affects on the environment. I worry for all the humans caught in war zones, I hope we choose our humanity over destruction sooner then later.

C: What are you happy about?
J: I am very happy about occupy wall street. It is truly inspiring.

C: What are you reading?
J: I am reading Androgyny, Toward a new theory of sexuality by June Singer and THE SONG OF HEYOEHKAH by Hyemeyohsts Storm.