Catchup and Mustard with Brian Chippendale

December 19, 2011

Our latest installment of CATCHUP N MUSTARD is with artist Brian Chippendale from Providence, RI. We caught up with Brian right before the Holidays and soon after he finished a 2 person exhibition in Providence with Jungil Hong. Let’s see what he’s up to…

Brian’s studio

C: what are you currently working on?
B: I have been working hard on my Tweeting. I practice everyday lifting letters up and down. It gets heavy. Stretching words and mouthing sentences into the mirror with my eyes closed. My handle is AHAFAN88, i only tweet about my favorite cartoon band Aha, they are the best. I hope I get to see them. Oh, and me and Jungil Hong have an art show in Providence up right now. Or we did depending on when I actually send this email back to Sto. So now it’s time to draw my comic Puke Force again after the post show energy dip wears off. And put plastic over the windows. I should go work on that.

C: winter plans?
B: Stay Warm. Help the cats stay warm. See if Jung is warm. Draw comics. Play drums. record stuff. Not get depressed. Sit in sun when possible. Maybe go someplace new!

C: what are you worried about?
B: The world is in chaos. Americans have really decided you are either on their team or not. Guns might be drawn in the name of Jesus. I worry about the average IQ of the United States.

C: what are you happy about?
B: Making things. A purging of accumulated input pours out sound and form all shapes all sizes. Uh, which right now looks like comics. I’m happy about the days the air is as sweet as candy. I’m really into the sun right now. Which is currently hiding.

C:what are you reading?
B:Too many comics. And “We Meant Well” by Peter Van Buren which details how much U.S money was dumped down the drain in the name of rebuilding Iraq. Dumped down the fucking drain dude!

The High Castle, 48” wide by 58” tall, Mixed media collage, 2011

Check out Brian’s exhibition, In Habitat, with Jungil Hong at Buonaccorsi+Agniel HERE.

See the work we have by Brian in the CINDERS Inventory Dungeon.

Brian will be back in NY on Jan 27th to play music in his solo project BLACK PUS, along with Matter Waves (David First, Kid Millions, Bernard Gann) and the Weasel Walter Trio at SECRET PROJECT ROBOT in Brooklyn. See you there!