Catchup and Mustard with BLOK

November 2, 2011

Chilean artist Blok is crazy young, crazy positive and crazy awesome. I met him painting murals in Chile a couple years ago when he was 19 years old and he had already developed a unique style within his paintings. He took me places to paint murals and he came to America a few summers ago and made great friends here who miss his face. Blokis is magic.

CINDERS: What are you currently working on?
BLOK: Right now im working on interventions over old book´s paper of botanic. Also im making some paintings about people.

C: Winter plans?
B: I dont know what the future may prepare, but when it’s winter there is summer here, so im hoping for some good times!

C: What are you worried about?
B: Im worried about the violence over people im seeing this year in Chile. People are very worried about the education system and we all want radical changes. The bad thing is that authorities apparently gives a shit about their peoples future and they prefere to make them quiet. Also i wanna make a shout out to all the people who is ocuppying wall street. I know that that kind of things can make a real change.

C: What are you happy about?
B: Im very happy working all days in what i like. Im happy too because i feel that people today are aware about they own power to make things happens.

C: What are you reading?
B: Im reading Matadero cinco of Kurt Vonnegut. I know that is maybe a classic but for me its new!