Bye Bye Havemeyer

January 7, 2011

Last Thursday December 30th marked the FINAL event at our Havemeyer St. location and what an amazing send off it was! Back in 2004, we had decided to take matters into our own hands and start a new kind of gallery in our own neighborhood that showed art we loved and had the kind of intimacy that made us feel at home. A fateful house fire had put us on the street and finding the space at 103 Havemeyer was a beacon of hope. In the years to follow, we created a home there, both for ourselves and for a wonderful community that continued to grow with each show. It continually evolved and we just kept running with it, endlessly surprised as the years passed and inspired by all of the amazing people that came through our door. As the attendance at openings grew to over-capacity, so did our ambitions and we began to feel a bit stunted by the size of the space. With the end of our lease this past December came a large rent hike but also for us, a positive farewell. We are embracing our newfound freedom and are currently looking for bigger spaces where we can realize more ambitious projects. In the meantime, we have an office where lots of great things are already brewing and a rekindled fire under our asses. Check out these photos, the icing on the cake, the lighter to that fire….Thank you all for the magic that happened here over the past 7 years and for all who took part last week at the 103 Havemeyer FUNeral! Happy New Year!
We cannot display this gallery