Brian Willmont is Artist of the Month in March

March 4, 2014


We were first introduced to Brian Willmont when we got our hands on his inspiring publication Apenest, which he co-curated with artist Cody Hoyt. It was a hefty book that featured an impressive collection of contemporary underground artists with whom we felt an immediate affinity to. We became fast friends (as well as fans) and in 2010 Brian curated a stellar group exhibition called Plain Air at Cinders that featured work by the Apenest crew. Since then we have featured Brian in various group exhibitions and are super proud to present him as Artist of the Month in March.

Brian Willmont is an artist that works in multiple series at a time, expanding and experimenting his personal language within each body of work. From videos out in the desert featuring 26 foot cardboard airplanes to using fire and snow to draw on paper, Brian is relentlessly pushing the envelope in any given medium.
This month we are featuring his recent works on paper. Fusing abstraction and bold imagery, these pieces continually play with the dichotomy of a tightly controlled hand and a loose, chance-taking process. Obsessive ballpoint pen lines configure shapes that float atop smoky airbrushed backgrounds while taped off grids tear away parts of the lines making the calculated become more human and organic. We are excited to introduce all of Brian’s work to you this month! Enjoy these 2 new drawings…

Untitled (Dark Light 1)
Gouache on paper, 22 x 16 inches, signed, 2013.
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Untitled #1
ballpoint pen on paper, 28 x 22 inches, signed, 2014
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See more work by Brian Willmont Here and stay tuned for lots more all month!