Artist of the Month: Maya Hayuk

June 6, 2012

I remember meeting Maya Hayuk many,many years ago at an anti-war protest in the streets of Manhattan.
I was crying because marching bands at protests always make me cry. She made us laugh, had good things to say and then took our picture. Over the years Maya continues to make me smile and inspires me to to be a good artist and a good person. Maya’s paintings have a positive energy that emanates from them, similar to being around her. I can gaze at her paintings for hours as color and perspective shift and new vast spaces reveal themselves to me. Maya is a generous, hard working soul and we will be highlighting her work and her life over the next month, including four new paintings made just for us. Each one will be unveiled every week so check back on our website to see!

This is the first painting of 4 by Maya Hayuk that we will feature exclusively here on the website as part of our Artist of the Month Series.

Each month we will choose one artist to showcase on the website with a new painting unveiled every week and available for purchase. There will also be interviews with the artist, videos, and more.
Its a great way to get to know each of these artists that we love so dearly through a more personal perspective on who they are and what they are making. We are ecstatic that Maya is starting us off!

You can purchase this painting in our new online store.