Artist of the Month Interview with Brian Chippendale

July 26, 2012

CINDERS: if you could have any superpower what would it be?

CHIPPENDALE: superhealing, or maybe invisiblity

CINDERS: how would you describe your process?

CHIPPENDALE: a slugs pace of evolution on rudimentary child art and craft class techniques

CINDERS: when did you start making art?

CHIPPENDALE: I remember drawing a lot in first grade. i drew knights

CINDERS: when did you know you wanted to make art for the rest of your life? or do you know that?

CHIPPENDALE: sometime after college when the smoke of organized education cleared I realized i really really thrived on making art

CINDERS: where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CHIPPENDALE: hopefully in good health. in a place where i can make what i want and play drums. I do really need to go on a trip somewhere, out of my comfort zone

CINDERS: what is inspiring you these days?

CHIPPENDALE: twitter and spraypaint. i made a pyramid for the morning glories to climb up. I still can’t get over plants reclaiming man made structures. i’m trying to get better at pull ups, which is something i’m not good at. A wild thunderstorm rolled in at seven a.m. and it was a joy. I’m reading the third Hunger Games book. kind of heavy handed but it’sallrite. sort of , maybe it’s annoying. the narrator is obnoxious, sarcastic and has an inflated sense of worth. it’s easy to read.

CINDERS: what are you listening to in the studio?

CHIPPENDALE: right now a car alarm. usually fireworks cuz it’s summer. I just did a bunch of digging and unearthed a lost 2008 Lightning Bolt LP so that took some listening to find. Digging through all the practice 4 track cassettes. Now I’m trying to cobble together a Black Pus bandcamp album before LB goes on tour in August. Saharan Cellphones #1! “Takamba” LP on Sahel Sounds label. I was in an Omar Souleyman phase. Vybz Kartel’s Kingston Story I’ve listened to about 20 times this year.

CINDERS: what is your favorite spot in the world right now? where do you feel at home?

CHIPPENDALE: at home. My roof garden is doing great. I had a nice day at a Little Compton RI beach on sunday with Jungil H. I’m always at home on my drumset.

CINDERS: what are you currently working on?

CHIPPENDALE: too goddamn much. Trying to finish my Puke Force comicbook for a march release. Finished all the music for a Black Pus studio record releasing in March as well. Just made the cover to the new Lightning Bolt LP, “Oblivion Hunter”. doing drawings for you guys. getting a set together for LB’s august september tour. some other stuff. I also need to print the covers for Black Pus 4 on LP, the records have just been sitting there, poor Ken, he got them made. Sorry Ken!

CINDERS: do you have any 2012 predictions?


CINDERS: do you envision a positive future or do you think we are all fucked?

CHIPPENDALE: I envision us adapting quite well to being fucked. I think we will pull through, but things will get leaner. I want to live a long time, there will be magical things coming that I want to see.

CINDERS: apocalypse theories?

CHIPPENDALE: sadly a war erupting around Iran and Israel that drags in the whole world putting China and Russia on one side and the US and Europe on the other looks frighteningly possible. There’s one apocalypse. Though it might just be tidal waves and volcanoes.

CINDERS: what is your spirit animal? animal that you most embody?

CHIPPENDALE: is this a Brooklyn question? Maybe those little monkeys that climb all over Klaus Kinski at the end of Aguire? Do you pick your spirit animal. Everyone seems to have really cool ones, but I personally see things like flies and mosquitos the most. I would be so sad if my spirit animal was actually an insect like a mosquito. I do not like mosquitos. Dragonflies. There have been a lot of dragonflies around lately.

CINDERS: what astrological sign are you?

CHIPPENDALE: Cancer on the Leo cusp. A Leo who was so psyched he came out a day early and altered his sign to Cancer whoops.

CINDERS: what role do you think the artist plays in modern society and culture?

CHIPPENDALE: The artists exists to blur the lines between right in wrong, left and right, obvious and obscured.

CINDERS: who are some of your favorite artists right now?

CHIPPENDALE: I have A Drifting Life, a graphic novel by Yoshihiro Tatsumi here I am excited to dig into. Its all comics for me right now. How about Tonci Zonjic’s art on Lobster Johnson, the Burning Hand. Like a fresh new late 80’s David Mazzucchelli. I thumbed through a couple Blexbolex books the other day and was really floored. and then there’s CF’s drawings, he’s here in Providence. We don’t see art in Providence. I googled De Kooning yesterday. Everyone loves Yayoi Kusama right?

CINDERS: what would be your last meal before execution?

CHIPPENDALE: today i ate brown rice with chick peas and fresh tomatoes and arugula and basil, some balsamic vinegar and olive oil and nutritional yeast. it was really tasty. It would be nice to face death feeling fit. But if I wanted to face death feeling more heavy and oily, maybe pizza with pesto