Artist of the Month: Brian Chippendale

July 9, 2012

The Artist of the Month for July is Brian Chippendale! Woohoo.
Every month we are picking one artist to focus on with interviews, videos, and new artwork released every week. This week we are releasing this here brand new drawing below!

Mining Colony, 2012
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We are super excited to have Brian Chippendale as our artist of the month.
You may remember Brian’s work from the solo exhibition he had at Cinders back in 2010 or the numerous group shows he has been a part of over the years. Brian’s work has been inspiring us since before we even started the gallery. His drawings, collages, comics and prints take the viewer into a super colorful intergalactic industrial wasteland with a frenetic style of mark making that is hypnotic and enchanting. He is internationally recognized as an important figure in modern comics with several books published through PictureBox, as well as consistently destroying our ears for nearly 2 decades as the drummer of the band Lightning Bolt. Say tuned for more awesomeness by Brian each week….