December 16, 2011

Cinders artists and friends STO, Denise Schatz and James Morrison are among the artists participating in this 24 day live silkscreening event at venerable NY art bookstore mecca Printed Matter. Join in on a group printing session on Saturday December 17th 2-6pm and then STO will be back on Sunday December 18th 4-6pm for more. Feel free to bring in t-shirts, tote bags, underwear-you name it, they’ll print their art on it.


Single Artists: Mon-Fri 5-7pm, Sun 4-6pm
Groups of 5-6 Artists: Sat 2-6pm

Curated/organized by J. Morrison

Printed Matter is pleased to present 24 DAYS OF MATTER PRINTED, a live screenprinting project by J. Morrison. From December 1st until the 24th, daily screenprinting sessions will feature a rotating cast of 20 artists creating collaborative works in the Printed Matter storefront. During these sessions, the artistic collaboration will be accumulative, with a new artist each day adding his or her own print to the previously produced prints. Prints will be available for purchase at any stage during this process.

Working under the theme of a “Self-Portrait,” the artists will print their creation on a variety of media – from Sweatshirts, Underwear, Handkerchiefs, and a special fine art Paper Edition of 100. They will be priced affordably, ranging from $10-$100, with the paper edition increasing as the show progresses with all of the artists’ screenprints collaged together. The works created will be on exhibit at Printed Matter through mid-January.

This year’s exhibition with J. Morrison follows in a long tradition of Printed Matter’s holiday events to support the institution, including past fundraisers organized by the artists’ collective Collaborative Projects (or COLAB), and Giftland, curated by Max Schumann and guest curators. J. Morrison’s show title and theme are a play off the “12 Days of Christmas” and in modern commercial times the “25 Days of Christmas,” giving an artist’s alternative view of holiday consumerism.

Participating Artists:

Kelly Armendariz (Dec 13, 17)
Juan Betancurth (Dec 8, 10)
AA Bronson (Dec 19, 2-4pm)
Isabella Bruno (Dec 10, 12)
Maria Chavez (Dec 17, 23)
Christopher Clary (Dec 7, 10)
Richard Haines (Dec 9, 10)
Matthias Herrmann (Dec 10, 19)
Brian Kenny (Dec 3, 15)
Marie Lorenz (Dec 2)
Michael Magnan (Dec 3, 20)
Slava Mogutin (Dec 3, 16)
J. Morrison (Dec 1)
Antonio Ortuño (Dec 6, 10)
Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff (Dec 3, 22)
Denise Schatz (Dec 14, 17)
Todd Shalom (Dec 11)
Sto (Dec 17, 18)
George Venson (Dec 5, 10)
Grant Worth (Dec 3, 21)
See more info on the Printed Matter website HERE